Virtual Exhibitions

University Laughs

The exhibition is based on a caricature exhibition that was displayed between 23.11.2009–12.03.2010.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the national university and paints a colourful picture of the history of Estonian instruction in, and persons affiliated with, the University in the form of cartoon art. You can see cartoons and caricatures from 1919 to the present day. The main part of the exhibition consists of caricatures of the Rectors, Professors and lecturers of the University of Tartu. A smaller part of the exhibition consists of cartoons, drawn in the spirit of the time, which depict the different periods and events of the University or characterise the essence of the University through the ages.

When compiling the exhibition, we tried to give a diverse selection and chose images from different faculties. However, some fields of science are not as active in Estonian cartoon arts as others. Nevertheless, the exhibition offers its viewers fun moments recognition, new discoveries and memorable surprises.

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Veebinäitus Ülikool Naerab


Murals of Pompeii

November 18, 2010 was Europen Academic Heritage Day, which saw the compilation of a virtual tour of the Art Museum’s murals. The aim of the exhibition was to introduce the rich cultural heritage of different university museums.

The virtual exhibition gives a brief overview of the history of the murals and the murals themselves. The gallery enables you to compare and contrast the Museum’s murals with the lithography plates that were used as examples to paint them.

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7 zahn.jpg

Zahn Pompei seinamaal Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseum