University of Tartu Art Museum

The collections of the University of Tartu Art Museum are a result of over 200 years of meticulous replenishment and donations. The collection consists of more than 30,000 items. One part of the collection includes casts i.e. identical copies of antique sculptures, gems and coins. The University of Tartu Art Museum is the only museum in Estonia that provides an overview of antique art and culture.

Another part of the collection consists of graphic prints – the Liphart family donated its graphics collection to the University in the 1920s. And undoubtedly, the most remarkable is the Museum’s collection of original antiques, which is not numerous but has spectacular objects such as mummies and cuneiform tablets.

The Museum collections also include icons, paintings and drawings, which are displayed in temporary exhibitions.

skulptuurid hoidlas.JPG

Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseumi hoidla