Temporary exhibition "From Ancient and Forgotten Times. The Things Necessary for a Good Life"


The exotic nature of distant lands and cultures fascinate us. Excitement and curiosity have inspired those who are interested to take long trips, whether to the seven lands and seas or the museums of major European cities. A fragment of these distant cultures even exists in Estonia’s museums and libraries, which is presented in the From Ancient and Forgotten Times exhibition.

In the exhibition, we see objects representing ancient Sumeria and Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, and the East, i.e. India, China and Japan, which has a mysterious image in the eyes of Europeans.

The symbols of these ancient cultures may be thousands of years old or relatively young, dating back to the 19th century, but they all embody a long tradition. In the culture of the East, it is not the age of the object, but rather its spiritual meaning and the transmission of aesthetic values that is most important.

The From Ancient and Forgotten Times exhibition is not a chronological and complete story of various cultures. Rather, the exhibition focuses on objects that take us on a brief cultural journey through time and space.

Perhaps the objects reverently made by people who lived in ancient times can also help us understand their way of thinking, which is not so unfamiliar to us, the people of the 21st century – the wish to be beautiful and prosperous, possess power and a home, to entertain and revitalise the soul.

We are thankful to: Saaremaa Museum, Narva Museum, Estonian History Museum, Estonian Art Museum, Mikkeli Museum, Estonian National Museum, University of Tartu Museum

Supporters: City of Tartu and Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Curatoris: Terje Lõbu, Külli Valk

Artist: Liina Unt (Endla Theatre)

Graphic Designer: Kadri Hallik 

Team: Jaanika Anderson, Tiiu Kreegipuu, Külli Lupkin, Karoliina Kalda, Ele Loonde, Piibe Nõmm, Tanel Nõmmik, Anne Arus, Kristiina Ribelus