Researchers’ Night

The University of Tartu Art Museum takes part in the annual Researchers’ Night Festival, which is coordinated by AHHAA Science Centre. Researchers’ Night is a pan-European event, the aim of which is to bring science closer to the public at large and introduce the work of different researchers.

Researchers’ Night takes place on the Friday of the last week of September. The University of Tartu Art Museum, in collaboration with researchers and students, offers a fun and fascinating programme that introduces a specific field of study.

In previous years we have worked with  the University of Tartu archaeologists and classical philologists and given an overview of their work and the importance of their specialty through a thematic programme.

Teadlaste öö TÜ kunstimuuseumis-84.jpg

Teadlaste ÖÖ arheoloogidega Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseum