Leisure time programmes

Art Wednesdays

From autumn to spring, the University of Tartu Art Museum hosts its traditional Art Wednesdays, the aim of which is to introduce various topics concerning art, culture and history.

Art Wednesdays are often linked to the Art Museum’s exhibitions and elaborate on the different aspects of the exhibits on display at the moment. Art Wednesdays usually contain lectures but from time to time visitors will also have a chance to walk around the exhibitions with a curator as a guide.

Art Wednesdays take place on Wednesdays at 17:15 so that people who work can enjoy a relaxing evening at a lecture or a tour.

Art Wednesdays are mostly in Estonian, but from time to time some lectures might be in English. Art Wednesdays are free for the students and employees of the University of Tartu, others can participate with the museum ticket.

avalik loeng emakeelepäeval 2014.jpg

Emakeelepäeva loeng Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseumis