Guided tours

The University of Tartu Art Museum organises guided tours of the University Main Building, which include visiting the beautiful classical Assembly Hall and the 19th century student lock-up in addition to the Art Museum.

The Assembly Hall, which is used to celebrate the most important University events, offers its visitors a chance to see an elegant classical interior. The guide will tell interesting stories about past events that illustrate the history of the University and introduce its construction in the beginning of the 19th century.

The 19th century lock-up is a gem from the past, creating a contrast with the grandeur of the Assembly Hall. This tiny room located in the attic encompasses memories from the long history of the University. They detained 19th century students there who had broken the code of student conduct. The guide will introduce the laws of the University of that time, which may seem rather unexpected nowadays, and talk about life in the lock-up.

In the University of Tartu Art Museum, the guide will give an overview of how the Museum was founded in 1803 and talk about the special objects in the exhibition.

The tour lasts approx. 1 hour and you can take shorter excursions around the Main Building if you wish. The price of the guided tour includes the entrance tickets and the tour guide service. Check the prices here.