Graphic Art

The graphics collection contains over 7000 prints. The most valuable part of the collection came to the University from Raadi manor and the Liphart family in the 1920s. The Art Museum received the collection in 1962. The Liphart collection demonstrates the 19th century principles of art collecting: it includes both old graphics and 19th century reproductions.

The main part of the collection consists of 15–19th century Western European graphic prints. It includes distinguished prints from Europe’s different schools and masters (A. Dürer, Pollaiolo, Ugo da Carpi, A. can Ostade, W. Hogarth, etc.), but also Japanese woodblock prints. Next to the Western European graphics there is a small selection of Baltic German (K. A. Senff, K. J. Senff, Fr. L. Maydell, G. Fr. Schlater, L. Höflinger, etc.) and Estonian graphics, mostly from the post-World War period.


Düreri graafiline leht TÜ kunstimuuseumis

You can see the collection when it is on display in temporary exhibitions or via the Information System of Estonian Museums (MuIS), which is constantly updated with new information.

A catalogue of the Art Museum’s graphic design collection came out in 2006. In 2013, we published a catalogue of the Japanese woodblock prints.

The graphic art and drawing collection acquired by Professor Karl Morgenstern was given to the University’s drawing school in the middle of the 19th century and after the school was closed the collection was transferred to the University Library, where it remains to this day.


Jaapani graafika TÜ kunstimuuseumis