The collection contains over 500 prints. Its oldest items are from the Liphart collection in Raadi manor and include German (J. Schnorr von Carolsfeld, J. Koch, A. L. Richter, etc.), English (W. J. Ottley), Baltic German (E. von Liphart, J. Hagen-Schwarz), Low Countries, Japanese and many other drawings. The collection also includes three illuminated fragments of parchment.

The second greatest source was the collection of Ernst Jürgenson-Vaksel, given to the Museum in 1923 by the Ministry of Education, which consists of 19–20th century Russian drawings.

The small Estonian drawing collection consists of mostly cartoons and caricatures (authors H. Valk, U. Nemvalts, A. Juhanson, E. Reier, J. Kuusik) of University Professors, given to the Museum in 2010. We have begun entering the collection into MuIS.


Kangilaski karikatuur Tartu Ülikooli kunstimuuseum