Chamber of Mummies

The Chamber of Mummies opened at the University of Tartu Art Museum on the 9th February 2017. It is a part of the museums permanent exhibition and inspired by Egyptian tombs. The room exhibits all the original mummies that the museum has. 

The mummies originate from the collection of Otto Friedrich von Richter (1791-1816) who was one of the first Estonian orientalists. When Richter’s father gave his son's collection to the university, his idea was for it to reach young people and encourage them to explore and discover the world.

What will you experience in the Chamber of Mummies?

·         Two original human mummies and one mummy of a canine. The mummies are the only pieces left from the Egyptian collection of the University of Tartu after the rest of the collection was evacuated to Voronež, Russia in 1915.

·         Wall-paintings inspired by Egyptian tombs. They tell stories of the afterlife, a style that was highly desired by the ancient Egyptians. They also introduce rituals concerning funerals.

·         A fascinating sarcophagus and models of canopic jars which, upon closer inspection, offer information on how and for what purpose they were used.

Take a look around the Chamber of Mummies here!